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  • ‘The safety of delegates becomes increasingly important’

    Because of her father’s job, she relocated to new countries every two years. Friendship brought her to Amsterdam, where she got a temporary job in the ESOMAR events team. There, she realised that she could live in one place and have a job which would enable her to see the world. Now, 19 years later, Rhiannon Bryant is the Senior Manager of the global event team of ESOMAR.

‘I always have a practical view of affairs’

Iris Allebrandi, with an eye for detail and a practical perspective, is working on developing and streamlining the organisation of the congresses and meetings organised by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. It is the logical next step from professionalising the ECNP Office’s Congresses & Meetings department, which she provided the groundwork for nine years ago, as a former PCO.

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Keynote Speaker

Daan Roosegaarde is a guide in the new world

Daan Roosegaarde (34) is an artist, innovator, entrepreneur, inventor. With his “techno poetry”, where idealism and technology blend together, he stimulates an international public: “I teach people to look at and think about the world differently.”

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