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  • How to ensure a happy sponsor

    How can you, as a conference organiser, help your sponsor to get as much return as possible on his investment? Conference Holland gives nine tips for a successful conference for the organiser, the participants and the sponsor.

  • Interrupt the ordinary

    A good meeting designer goes through the entire process of an event, just as its target groups also do, contends Experience Architect, Greg Bogue. Essential for the success of the meeting is that, occasionally, you interrupt the ordinary.

The power of the crowd

How do you use the wisdom of the crowds? Participants attend conferences to gain more knowledge, but as a group they also bring with them a wealth of experience and brainpower. Those who exploit the full potential of the interaction contribute immense added value to their conference. The time is ripe for this, argue four specialists in the field of conferences and crowdsourcing.

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1005, 2017

The human factor

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Organising meetings, conferences, fairs, sessions or any other kind of meeting is always a combination of the available resources and the human factor. Not just for the planners themselves, but definitely also for specialised suppliers. The resources such as your budget, a location, AV equipment, catering, meeting materials etc., are often clearly set out or can be found out, for example using (online) media such as Conference Matters. On the other hand, combining the human factor in the right way is a completely different story! It all begins with basic/theoretic knowledge that has become more and more available in recent

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Commission: noooo! Or yes?

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Some see it as a reward for good performance, for others it is daylight robbery or fraud. Commission. It is always a popular topic between meeting professionals and there is always a lively discussion about how it is used, justified and what the proportions are. Commission is as old as the road to Rome and in the MICE sector it is regularly used as an (extra) model for earning. The mysterious triangle relationship between an end client (payer), a supplier and a third party who eventually receives the commission. Lots of examples Over the past years I have seen and

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