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Fred Balvert | Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam

‘Erasmus MC is now the premier research institute in the field of health and innovation’

Fred Balvert is interim head of communications Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam and is closely involved in several conferences. These include the Transatlantic Conference on Personalized Medicine (TCPM) on 8 and 9 October 2015 in the Education Center of Erasmus MC and Innovation for Health (I4H) on 18 February 2016 at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam.

The conference will draw, respectively, 250 and 1,000 biomedical researchers, medical specialists, policy makers, industrial and social partners to Rotterdam.
“Drugs and treatments that focus on the molecular basis of diseases are the beginning of a new era in medicine. The names of the conferences say it all: ‘Personalized Medicine’ and ‘Innovation for Health.’

Both conferences deal with innovation in health. Each patient is an individual and one patient responds differently to certain medications than others. By analysing the genetic profile of patients, doctors obtain useful information for prevention, prediction and treatment. In addition, consumers and patients are increasingly becoming team players in prevention and treatment. It is certainly a pioneering development.”
“Why destination Rotterdam? The city has everything a city should have and more. Also, Erasmus MC is now the premier research institute in the field of health and innovation.”


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