Conference Cities and Regions in the Netherlands 2017-01-10T16:46:13+00:00
ROTTERDAMArchitecture in the Spotlights
The New York Times, Rough Guides and CNN all proclaimed Rotterdam to be a Must-See City in 2014. The primary reason for being awarded this honour is that this year will see the opening of three new architectural icons, including the building De Rotterdam, home to a design hotel fully equipped with all business meeting amenities.
AMSTERDAMCultural treasures and economic clusters
Amsterdam has developed from an international city of trade to an international city of knowledge. In addition, of course, the Dutch capital remains a beautiful, history city, with its friendly and lively atmosphere.
Amsterdam has an international reputation and, interestingly enough, this can be put down to various aspects of the city.
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Hollands hidden secrets

UTRECHTCity of knowledge and culture
Utrecht has the most highly educated workforce in the Netherlands. That is due to the many important knowledge and educational institutions and NGOs that can be found there. Thanks to the help of a young, talented workforce and a citywide scheme to create a sustainable society, Utrecht recently been voted the most competitive region in Europe.
MAASTRICHTHealth and Chemelot Campus as superchargers
In terms of knowledge development. Maastricht is placing the focus in the coming years on Life and Science, whereby the focus on ‘Life’ lies in the Cardiovascular field and on Science in Biomaterials. Cooperation between the government, education, knowledge institutes and NGOs is of vital importance.
THE HAGUEMeeting destination that works
The Hague is the international centre of Peace, Justice and Security. The city is, therefore, committed in terms of knowledge-based economy to these top sectors. Other spearheads are ICT Telecom, energy & sustainability and the creative industries.
LEIDENCity of Science
Leiden, with its university and Bio Science Park, is among the leading scientific centres of excellence in Europe. The University has a worldwide leading position in such research areas as science, medicine, social sciences, law and humanities.
AMERSFOORTCentre of the Network Economy
The historic city of Amersfoort has developed into a vibrant network economy. Many knowledge institutes, industry associations and NGOs have settled here in recent years. This development makes the city an increasingly important meeting destination.
Water management, sustainable economy and agriculture. These are the focus areas of North-Holland North, the region north of Amsterdam. He who says North Holland, says water. The province is, in fact, one large peninsula between the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer (the former Zuiderzee). The island of Texel is also part of the province.