How do you develop a conference?

Most associations organise their conferences in the same way. There is a scientific or conference committee that is responsible for the programme. It is given or chooses a topic and focuses rather quickly on scientists as potential speakers, selected, or not, after a request for abstracts or proposals. One rarely thinks about other stakeholders. Thus,

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‘We want more money to go into the society to fund our projects’

No frills, but technically perfect and with a high standard of service. Under this motto, Congress Manager Patricia de Bont has been organising the annual congress of the European Association of Urology for the past seventeen years.

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How long should a conference last?

Anyone who has to organise a conference on a certain topic often asks themselves how long it should go on for. A better question to ask would be how much time can the target group spend? This is a question television producers ask themselves. You can spin out any topic into a winter-long series of

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Conference chairperson role

A conference chairperson, whether a man or a woman, can either make or break your conference. Ok, your programme does some of the work, but the chairperson, moderator, or presenter – no matter what you call them – determines the atmosphere, focus, speed, humour, interaction, and the connection between the people.

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Conferences without screens

I’ve thought long and hard. Why do I like holidays so much? It’s not because of the sun, snow, or après-ski, but the fact I’m away from TVs and other screens for a week! In ancient times, speakers used flip charts, overhead projectors, and slides until the projector came to rule.  These days we are

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Podium perils

I went to a lot of meetings this autumn as an advisor to the organiser, as a guest, or as a speaker.  Some conferences had 350 people but I also took training courses with only 4 people.  I noticed how thoughtlessly people decorated the stage or used the front area. They just scattered around some

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Golden Palm in the conference world

As I’m writing this I’m in a hotel named Can Garden Beach.  I’m reading on my iPad and it says that this year, the film ‘Amour’ by director Michael Hanke, won the Golden Palm at the film festival in Cannes.  You know the guy, he made Das Weiβe Band. The film is a success

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