• How to ensure a happy sponsor

    How to ensure a happy sponsor

    How can you, as a conference organiser, help your sponsor to get as much return as possible on his investment? Conference Holland gives nine tips for a successful conference for the organiser, the participants and the sponsor.

  • Interrupt the ordinary

    Interrupt the ordinary

    A good meeting designer goes through the entire process of an event, just as its target groups also do, contends Experience Architect, Greg Bogue. Essential for the success of the meeting is that, occasionally, you interrupt the ordinary.

  • Music provides motivation and solidarity

    Music provides motivation and solidarity

    Music is an essential component in any serious conference programme. Scientific research has shown that music activates certain areas of the brain and provides a feeling of fellowship.

Dutch conference news

Maritim Hotel Amsterdam presented at Ibtm World

Opening in 2019, the brand new Maritim Hotel Amsterdam will be one of Europe’s largest conference hotels. Maritim will present the hotel at the Holland Stand (F30) at Ibtm World in  Barcelona from November 29th till December 1st.

Leiden to host international mathematics conference in 2019

In the summer of 2019 a group of 600 mathematicians from all over Europe will spend five days in Leiden attending the Equadiff 2019 conference. This distinctive conference, brought to Leiden by symposium ambassador Arjen Doelman, will take place in the Hooglandse Church and the Kamerlingh Onnes Building at Leiden University.

Ibtm world announces final line up for knowledge programme

Ibtm world’s knowledge programme is set to deliver a stellar line up of international speakers delivering world class content over the 3 days of the show. Following the extensive research with the industry the content has been developed to reflect the needs of both exhibitors, Hosted Buyers and visitors.  The content has been created to provide up to date education for all attendees and has been created for the industry by the industry and follows the new 7 themes

Artificial intelligence event app specialist Grip wins #IMEXpitch competition

Grip, the company which created the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) event networking solution has won the prestigious #IMEXpitch competition at IMEX America in Las Vegas. The event matchmaking app connects delegates, speakers and exhibitors in a fast and simple way through its signature ‘handshakes’. These allow users to express interest in connecting with someone and can only get in touch if the recipient responds in kind with a mutual handshake which ensures users are never bombarded with unwanted messages. In the app’s intuitive system, a handshake leads to instant interaction through the in-app messaging to share ideas, meet and work together.

Chalkboard badges

PDC BIG has introduced innovative chalkboard badges for customer-facing staff in hospitality, retail, and leisure industries. Chalkboard badges allow outlets to be agile and more responsive to loyal customers and local events, providing them with the ability to incorporate highly-targeted campaigns and messages on personalised and branded badges in an instant, the manufacturer states.

Construction underway on new hotel nhow Amsterdam RAI

Construction of the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel officially started on Wednesday 26 October with the symbolic placement of a large triangular slab. The first stone of the largest hotel in the Benelux region was placed

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Association planner

  • ‘The safety of delegates becomes increasingly important’

    ‘The safety of delegates becomes increasingly important’

    Because of her father’s job, she relocated to new countries every two years. Friendship brought her to Amsterdam, where she got a temporary job in the ESOMAR events team. There, she realised that she could live in one place and have a job which would enable her to see the world. Now, 19 years later, Rhiannon Bryant is the Senior Manager of the global event team of ESOMAR.

  • ‘We want more money to go into the society to fund our projects’

    ‘We want more money to go into the society to fund our projects’

    No frills, but technically perfect and with a high standard of service. Under this motto, Congress Manager Patricia de Bont has been organising the annual congress of the European Association of Urology for the past seventeen years.

  • ‘I always have a practical view of affairs’

    ‘I always have a practical view of affairs’

    Iris Allebrandi, with an eye for detail and a practical perspective, is working on developing and streamlining the organisation of the congresses and meetings organised by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. It is the logical next step from professionalising the ECNP Office’s Congresses & Meetings department, which she provided the groundwork for nine years ago, as a former PCO.

According to Soons

Trouble in the meeting room

How a layout determined the success of the reception of asylum seekers.

How do you develop a conference?

Most associations organise their conferences in the same way. There is a scientific or conference committee that is responsible for the programme. It is given or chooses a topic and focuses rather quickly on scientists as potential speakers, selected, or not, after a request for abstracts or proposals. One rarely thinks about other stakeholders. Thus, at medical conferences, you rarely see practical or visionary contributions from patients, nurses, insurers, hospital administrators, process developers, lawyers or policy makers. They are not only not there as speakers, but also not in interviews, brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, duo presentations, workshops or debates. One