• How to ensure a happy sponsor

    How to ensure a happy sponsor

    How can you, as a conference organiser, help your sponsor to get as much return as possible on his investment? Conference Holland gives nine tips for a successful conference for the organiser, the participants and the sponsor.

  • Interrupt the ordinary

    Interrupt the ordinary

    A good meeting designer goes through the entire process of an event, just as its target groups also do, contends Experience Architect, Greg Bogue. Essential for the success of the meeting is that, occasionally, you interrupt the ordinary.

  • Music provides motivation and solidarity

    Music provides motivation and solidarity

    Music is an essential component in any serious conference programme. Scientific research has shown that music activates certain areas of the brain and provides a feeling of fellowship.

Dutch conference news

MCI Amsterdam / Ovation Holland forms partnerschip with RAI Amsterdam

The special events services of RAI Amsterdam are as of January handled by preferred supplier MCI Amsterdam / Ovation Holland. Before the high-quality tailor-made destination experiences for groups of 25 persons or more was handled by Special Events, part of the RAI Hotel Services.

LEGO model of the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel at IMEX

NH Hotel Group and RAI Amsterdam present the first 3D model of the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel at IMEX Frankfurt from 17 to 19 April 2016. During IMEX, all visitors will have the chance to win an orange Apple Watch or an overnight stay in Amsterdam by guessing the number of used bricks in the model. The announcement of the winners will be daily at the Holland Meeting Point (stand E100) at 4.30 PM (Thursday at noon).

The Hague Marriott anticipates on changing needs hotel guests

International research, commissioned by Marriott, shows a new way of traveling nowadays. Today’s business traveller mixes business with pleasure. So the phrase “never mix business with pleasure” seems to be out-dated.

Hans Sittrop, new Manager of the Utrecht Convention Bureau

As from the 1st of April, Hans Sittrop (47) will strengthen the team of the Utrecht Convention Bureau (UCB). Alongside his duties of general management, Sittrop will become responsible for further development of Utrecht’s position as an international convention city.

Prof. Rudy Nuijts best ambassador for convention city Maastricht

On 19 March, Prof. Rudy Nuijts (Maastricht UMC+ Ophthalmology) received the Brightlands Convention Award 2015 from the Mayor of Maastricht, Annemarie Penn-te Strake. The award designates him as the year’s “best ambassador” for Maastricht as a destination for conventions.

Educational session IMEX: Event security management

Marije Bouwman, Safety & Security manager at World Forum The Hague, will present the educational session “Practical approach for event security management in a changing world” at IMEX Frankfurt on Wednesday 20 April.

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Association planner

  • ‘The safety of delegates becomes increasingly important’

    ‘The safety of delegates becomes increasingly important’

    Because of her father’s job, she relocated to new countries every two years. Friendship brought her to Amsterdam, where she got a temporary job in the ESOMAR events team. There, she realised that she could live in one place and have a job which would enable her to see the world. Now, 19 years later, Rhiannon Bryant is the Senior Manager of the global event team of ESOMAR.

  • ‘We want more money to go into the society to fund our projects’

    ‘We want more money to go into the society to fund our projects’

    No frills, but technically perfect and with a high standard of service. Under this motto, Congress Manager Patricia de Bont has been organising the annual congress of the European Association of Urology for the past seventeen years.

  • ‘I always have a practical view of affairs’

    ‘I always have a practical view of affairs’

    Iris Allebrandi, with an eye for detail and a practical perspective, is working on developing and streamlining the organisation of the congresses and meetings organised by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. It is the logical next step from professionalising the ECNP Office’s Congresses & Meetings department, which she provided the groundwork for nine years ago, as a former PCO.

According to Soons

How do you develop a conference?

Most associations organise their conferences in the same way. There is a scientific or conference committee that is responsible for the programme. It is given or chooses a topic and focuses rather quickly on scientists as potential speakers, selected, or not, after a request for abstracts or proposals. One rarely thinks about other stakeholders. Thus, at medical conferences, you rarely see practical or visionary contributions from patients, nurses, insurers, hospital administrators, process developers, lawyers or policy makers. They are not only not there as speakers, but also not in interviews, brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, duo presentations, workshops or debates. One

How long should a conference last?

Anyone who has to organise a conference on a certain topic often asks themselves how long it should go on for. A better question to ask would be how much time can the target group spend? This is a question television producers ask themselves. You can spin out any topic into a winter-long series of documentaries or cut a soap opera down to the length of a newsflash. When you’ve decided a conference topic, you need to decide how long to draw it out.